In recent decades, the number of Americans diagnosed with autoimmune disorders, conditions in which the immune system attacks necessary body tissues, has increased dramatically. Today, about 24 million Americans have at least one autoimmune disorder and, according to the National Center for Biotechnology, those who acquire one are more susceptible to acquiring more.

During the same time period, the number of environmental toxins in our daily environment has also exploded. The Huffington Post reports that since 1900, more than 80,000 new chemicals have been invented or discovered, but only a small fraction of those have undergone safety testing.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, researchers have discovered a link between increased environmental toxins and the development of autoimmune diseases. Many natural health professionals have successfully treated such conditions by eliminating heavy metals and environmental toxins from patients’ environments. Despite this research, mainstream treatment for autoimmune disorders typically involves the prescription of drugs that focus on treating symptoms rather than providing long-term solutions.

About Lin Merage:

As CEO of an online retailer of organic and green lifestyle products, Lin Merage plays an active role in the fight to eliminate harmful environmental toxins. On behalf of her business, Merage maintains membership in the Organic Trade Association, the U.S. Green Build Council, and Denver Green America.