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As a successful businesswoman based in the greater Colorado area, Lin Merage leverages her success toward helping others in a variety of ways. She recently founded a philanthropic organization that allocates financial resources toward supporting children in need. Outside of covering school supplies and educational expenses, she hopes to expand the foundation to empower youth to develop their talents.

Moreover, Lin Merage is an anonymous private donor for a family with seven children. She assists them with needed food each month. Her commitment to others extends to a number of other organizations. In the past, she has contributed to advocacy and social services groups such as The Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect, which serves 40 Colorado counties. With a commitment to advancing children’s lives, Lin Merage also holds a dedication to living an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Over the years, she has donated to The Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, a research center involved in sustainable measures.

As CEO of an online department store, Lin Merage strives to maintain a green lifestyle and promote it to others. Established in 2004, the versatile online shopping center features clothing and accessories for men, women, and children for both casual and dressy occasions. Lin Merage’s venture goes beyond clothing with literature, home decor, health and beauty, food, and gift wrap. All products ensure minimal environmental impact, with the entirety being 100 percent organic and many designed from up-cycled or natural materials, including hemp and bamboo. Lin Merage stays up to date with the latest green technologies as a regular attendee of seminars that focus on evolving methodologies and their applications. She also maintains active membership with Green America, Sustainable Industries, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the Organic Trade Association.


With a commitment to building a bridge between fashion and eco-responsibility, Lin Merage founded her environmental products retailer in 2004. The online department store sells green clothing and other items for people of all ages and tastes. The business offers an extensive catalog of high-quality goods that promote a respect for nature.

At Merage’s company, parents who are passionate about the environment may browse through the broad array of apparel and accessories. Lin Merage’s Eco Baby line includes hemp onesies, organic cotton rompers, green hammocks and lounges, as well as non-toxic feeding items. For toddlers and older children, the company provides clothing and responsibly designed toys and art supplies. Merage’s selection for men and women proves similarly diverse. Females enjoy recycled and fair-trade totes and handbags, dresses, ensembles, sportswear, and beauty products. Male shoppers may browse through hemp backpacks, sustainable denim items, flax sweaters, and bamboo shirts. Outside of fashion, Lin Merage’s department store supports customers who seek to freshen their living space with raw wood photo frames and eco-conscious kitchen accessories. In the next year, the store will offer numerous options for home renovation, including eco-carpet, wood supplies, and air purifiers. Additionally, the company provides patrons with a wide range of beauty products that nurture the body without harming the environment. The section features cosmetics, skin care items, natural remedies, and essential oils.

Moreover, Merage’s business satisfies shoppers with organic gift wrap, handmade stationery, a selection of touchstones, and a catalogue of books. In order to peruse these and other nature-friendly goods, visit the website.

As part of the global green movement, Lin Merage believes in participating in a culture of hope. Everything people do contribute to their relationship to the natural environment, and Lin Merage, the Chief Executive Officer of an environmentally friendly product company, provides one way for individuals to make informed decisions about their purchases of everyday things like clothing, accessories, health and beauty items, and food.

This commitment to excellence in organic, earth-conscious living resounds in every aspect of Lin Merage’s  business- from the products to its employees. Lin Merage remains passionate about offering new solutions for daily living that help eliminate harmful toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from household environments.

Lin Merage belongs to Organic Trade Association, as well as the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Green Building Council Colorado. Firmly dedicated to promoting a culture of healthy, organic living, Lin Merage has attended West Coast Green: The World’s Leading Event on Green Innovation Conference, the International Green Build Council Expo, and multiple Summit events hosted by AlwaysOn Network, LLC.

For Lin Merage, her company is more than a business. It embodies the potential for empowering people in their everyday lives. No detail of daily life is too small for consideration by Lin Merage and her team of skilled professionals. For example, the company offers a full line of baby products, with everything from blankets and clothes to safe, non-toxic toys. The bodies of babies and toddlers are developing and absorbing everything around them, and Merage’s business understands the desire of parents to surround their children with a healthy, nourishing environment. Lin Merage ensures that her clothing is free of harmful dyes and synthetic material, and that cleaning supplies and home products are toxin-free.

By providing products that are grown, harvested, and assembled using sustainable, environmentally friendly methods, Lin Merage’s business plays an important part in the responsible stewardship of the earth. Practicing informed environmental responsibility allows everyone to live healthier lives today and leave behind a cleaner, more sustainable planet for future generations.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Lin Merage is the owner and CEO of an environmental products company that specializes in sustainable, environmentally friendly, and organic products. Merage supports a number of environmentally focused organizations, including the University of California, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry.

The University of California, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry is a comprehensive academic program that provides education with research and service to introduce green chemistry principles into science, the marketplace, and public policy decisions. This joint program involves UC Berkeley’s College of Chemistry, School of Public Health, College of Natural Resources, College of Engineering, School of Law, and Haas School of Business.

The innovative program is being developed for use in industrial settings and educational institutions across the country. The goal is to promote a sustainable, clean energy economy by reducing the use of toxic chemicals that affect society and cause untold damages to human health and the environment.

The Center for Green Chemistry offers a number of partnership projects that allow companies to be involved with the program, faculty, and students. Individual gifts are welcome and all donations are tax-deductible. The program is administered by the Berkeley Institute of the Environment.

In recent decades, the number of Americans diagnosed with autoimmune disorders, conditions in which the immune system attacks necessary body tissues, has increased dramatically. Today, about 24 million Americans have at least one autoimmune disorder and, according to the National Center for Biotechnology, those who acquire one are more susceptible to acquiring more.

During the same time period, the number of environmental toxins in our daily environment has also exploded. The Huffington Post reports that since 1900, more than 80,000 new chemicals have been invented or discovered, but only a small fraction of those have undergone safety testing.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, researchers have discovered a link between increased environmental toxins and the development of autoimmune diseases. Many natural health professionals have successfully treated such conditions by eliminating heavy metals and environmental toxins from patients’ environments. Despite this research, mainstream treatment for autoimmune disorders typically involves the prescription of drugs that focus on treating symptoms rather than providing long-term solutions.

About Lin Merage:

As CEO of an online retailer of organic and green lifestyle products, Lin Merage plays an active role in the fight to eliminate harmful environmental toxins. On behalf of her business, Merage maintains membership in the Organic Trade Association, the U.S. Green Build Council, and Denver Green America.