As Chief Executive Officer of an environmental products company, Lin Merage enjoys reading and learning about other persons and entities involved in the green movement. One way in which Lin Merage remains on top of the latest issues is by attending green-oriented events and summits such as the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC).

Dedicated to “the art, science, and building of housing,” PCBC has functioned as a community of thought leaders in the housing development field for over half a century. Remaining on the forefront of the latest technologies, its members believe in applying environmental sustainability and innovation to residential complexes while creating aesthetically pleasing structures.

Although PCBC possesses a strong Internet presence and affiliations with similar groups such as Leading Builders of America, its major event every year is the annual conference. This two-day event features a myriad of speakers, exhibitors, and networking opportunities. Builders, developers, moneylenders, architects, and manufacturers account for some of the groups that are represented at the show.

The 2012 conference will focus on the theme “Powered by Connection” and take place in San Francisco. Topics will include Selling Sustainability, 50+ Housing, Multifamily Trends, and Capital Markets.